Gucci gone bad!

When I opened my favorite website of GUCCI today, expecting to be in love with the Fall/Winter collection, after the not so good summer collection, I didn't expect to see this!!!

click the photo to enlarge

My favorite design house gone from Wow to Ewwww!!!! Where is your identity and your attention to details??? Where are your top designers and beautiful materials?? What did you do??? AND WHY DID YOU DO IT????????? I'm shocked

Back to work :)

After a great holiday I came back to my beautiful office that I've missed so much...Happy to be back, but since I am still awake from yesterday, I'm feeling a bit dizzy. Laking a good sleep since I started studding Interior Design. It demands a lot of work, but I am very happy to do it.

So, every thing just fine >>> SO FAR ;)




Barcelona chair

The very famous Knoll - Barcelona chair designed in 1930 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, has a new skin in its production line, the Pony Skin is now in stores.

Regular Price $3,250.00
SALE PRICE 2,150.00

This chair is my all time favorite, It matches almost every space and can be used in both classical or contemporary setting, and now with the new Pony Skin, It would be just the right touch needed to make a focus point any where.



I thought that I've been a bit harsh on the Disney people on my last post, well...
not after watching this!

Ratatouille Trailer

Now that's what I'm taking about... Can't wait to watch it

Long Live Pixar ;)


Happy 7/7/07

7 is my LUCKY number! A very happy number - I think - so enjoy this day my friends by doing something you really love to do... I'm going to spent my Lucky day by the beach in Kuwait and get a great tan ;)


Smile : )

Being HAPPY is a choice I'm willing to take..
Being glad to be alive .. In control of my life..
All the stress will disappear ..
Replaced by comfort and ease..
Starting this second, I'm taking this road..
Happy by choice :)

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